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** Please Note this page is still being updated with hyper-links and new information. Please check back frequently for further updates. Information on items below can be found additionally using the Connect Portal Knowledge search ** 

If you have already registered your device on Connect you might want to use the Connect To wizard for personalised instructions on our services.

Useful Knowledgebase Articles - please ensure you are logged in to Connect to see all articles

Update for Tuesday 05/05/2010 - Adobe Creative Cloud - Staff

Update for Tuesday 07/04/2010 - Adobe Creative Cloud - Students Only

Update for Thursday 02/04/2020 - Cisco Jabber (Windows)Cisco Jabber (Apple Mac)Cisco Jabber (Apple iPhone/iPad)Cisco Jabber (Google Android)

Update for Thursday 19/03/2020 - FAQs for Managed Brunel Computers at Home

Update for Wednesday 18/03/2020 - Cisco Jabber

Update for Tuesday 17/03/2020 - Microsoft Teams

In order to aid remote working, Information Services have released Microsoft Teams on Office 365.

Information on Microsoft Teams can be found on the Office 365 intranet page.

Page Content 

  1. Office 365 – An accessible way to work remotely 

  2. File Sharing and Collaboration 

  3. VPN guidance – How to connect to your H, G and J drives remotely 

  4. MultiFactor Authentication (MFA) 

  5. Cisco Jabber

  6. Managed Brunel laptops/desktops and remote desktop 

  7. Teaching, Learning and Assessing Using Digital Tools

  8. Adobe Creative Cloud

  9. Related Policies

    1. Office 365 – An accessible way to work remotely 

    Rather than needing to log in to the network in order to access your files and folders, why not use the O365 web apps? 

    OneDrive for Business provides online and offline access to your files. You can store, share and edit your documents and media quickly and easily.

    Connecting to Brunel OneDrive (Microsoft Windows)

    Connecting to Brunel OneDrive (Apple Mac OSX)

    Skype for Business allows you to collaborate and communicate regardless of the device you use.  Skype for Business and Outlook are integrated allowing you to schedule meetings and video conferences into your calendar. 

    Connecting to Microsoft Teams (Microsoft Windows)

    Connecting to Microsoft Teams (Apple Mac OSX)

    Access your other O365 apps either directly from or via IntraBrunel.

    You can find more help and support here.

    If you need to open another email box (for example a team or service email address) that you have access to please go to https// then login as your self and in the top right corner of the screen click the circle with your photo/initials and you will see the option to Open another mailbox (type in the email address of the other email box and click ok to open)

    This guidance is relevant whether you’re accessing the network using a managed machine or your own device.    

    Remember: For access via your own device, you must have registered it on the Connect Portal via the Connect To Wizard

    Connect To Wizard

    AnyConnect VPN on Windows Devices

    Setting Up AnyConnect VPN on Mac OS X Catalina / Big Sur

    AnyConnect VPN on Mac Devices

    Logged into AnyConnect VPN but cannot access anything

    Connecting to Brunel Home (H) Drive (Microsoft Windows 10)

    Connecting to Brunel Shared (G) Drive (Microsoft Windows 10)

    Connecting to Brunel Home (H) Drive (Mac OS X)

    Connecting to Brunel Shared (G) Drive (Mac OS X)

    Office 365 free software for (up to) 5 devices

    Would like to use the O365 apps on your own device? Here’s how:

    Free Microsoft Office 365

    We use MFA to ensure we protect our data and mitigate against cybercrime.

    Introduction to Multi-Factor Authentication

    5. Cisco Jabber

    Cisco Jabber Guide - Managed PCs

    Setting Up Cisco Jabber on Windows

    Setting Up Cisco Jabber on Mac OS

    Making a Call via Cisco Jabber using the Directory (Desktop)

    Making a Call via Cisco Jabber by Dialing a Number (Desktop)

    Setting up Cisco Jabber on Android

    Setting Up Cisco Jabber on iPhone, iPad

    Making a Call via Cisco Jabber using the Directory (Mobile)

    Making a Call via Cisco Jabber by Dialing a Number (Mobile)

    **Update 17/03/20 - we have had a lot of demand for loan laptops, if you are able to use other advice on this page to access services remotely please do**

    If you would like to loan a device, please contact the Service Desk with your requirements (including any software that is not included as standard). More information about Windows 10 software.

    For those who are using remote desktop on Mac's please ensure you have the latest version of the client.

    Note: If you are a member of a College we may refer you to your IT Team in the first instance as they might have a co-ordinated response to such requests. 

    This useful guidance will help you decide which tools can be used to teach / assess remotely and how to access support for each of them

    8.  Accessing Adobe Creative Cloud on your personal device

    Adobe Creative Cloud has been provided for access at home (until 6th July 2020 for Brunel students).

    Brunel Staff can find Adobe Creative Cloud under My Apps.

    Please follow the instructions below to gain access to the Creative Cloud Desktop Apps on your personal device.

    1. Visit and use your

    2. If prompted, select ​Company or School Account and then enter your usual network password. 

    3. From the Creative Cloud website, browse for and download the app you would like to use. Please note - you can click ​Apps on the top of the page to view all apps.

    4. You will then be able to download and install the apps you need.

    Updated: 05/05/20
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