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Freshers Guide 2023

If you would like to use the WiFi on campus or the wired network in your halls you will need to register your devices via the Connect Portal. Visit  [ ] to find out more.

1. Network account task 

Complete Your Network Account registration on eVision. You'll then be able to access Brunel PCs, emails, timetables, Blackboard and all the other support systems available at Brunel.
More Information on obtaining a Brunel Network Account ]
2. Register your devices for Wi-Fi  

Register all your devices (computers, tablet, mobile devices) on the Connect Portal so you can access WIFI and ResNet when you arrive on campus. Login to this website using your student number and network account password and follow the instructions  

Some devices that aren't WPA2-Enterprise compatible won't work on the Wi-Fi and you will need to use the Wired Network in your halls.

3. When fully enrolled - Set up your Brunel Email

  Set up your Brunel Email. Your Brunel email is

Download the Outlook app on your personal devices or access via [ ] . When you first login to your email account your will be asked to set up two-factor (or multi-factor) authentication. This additional security step means if your password is stolen or guessed, the malicious person will not be able to access your account without access to your secondary device.

To set this up follow the instructions provided when you login to Office  365. The secondary factor authentication options are as follows:
  • Mobile App
    Simply download the free Microsoft Authenticator app from your app  store to receive your security code / push notification
  • Authentication Phone (via SMS or Phone Call)
    This option either texts you a security code or phones you asking  you to press #.

On the day you arrive on campus

WiFi: If you havenít already registered your laptop, tablet or smartphone, please visit On campus you can log into Wifi@Brunel using your network username and password. Open up your web browser and you should be taken to the Connect Portal. Follow the instructions onscreen*^.

Wired: If you are moving in to halls of residence; your halls office will tell us that you have arrived**  and we will automatically switch on the network connection in your room*^ Any device you wish to use on the wired network must be registered through the Connect Portal. 

Having any problems? Search our Knowledge Base or Contact us via or call us on 01895 265 888

**This is done via a "check in" which can only be performed during office hours once you have signed your lease

*^Some additional configuration may be required. Use Connect To, or search the Knowledge Base under Help.


Updated: 30/08/23

Reviewed: 16/08/22

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